Welcome to our blog for Rosewood Farm, our Little Farm on the Manitoba Prairies. I’m Tanya, and together with my husband Trevor, we have a small acreage near Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Although our farm is small, our plans are big, and we’re so excited to share them with you!

We moved to our farm from the big city in October of 2015. It’s been a labour of love getting things to where they are now, and the real work is just getting started.

Currently, the main features of our farm are the chicken area, several garden areas, and lots of flowers, especially our namesake flower, roses. We’re nestled right in the woods, and that’s how we got out name, Rosewood Farm. We have wild roses all over and domestic roses in the garden. We also have lots of tulips, hydrangeas, lady slippers, herbal flowers, and peonies and we’ll be adding more all the time.

Our main project right now is one I’m very excited about, our goat yard! We’ve purchased two goats, a wether and a doe and they come home in mid June once the doe has weaned her young, so we’re working on putting up some fence for them and a shelter. (For those who don’t know a wether is a “fixed” male goat and a doe is a female goat).

Future plans are to build a small barn, fence in all our pasture so we can add more animals, especially horses, but who knows what we might add. Alpacas? Cows? Pigs? Guinea hens? Maybe something even more exotic?

So now you’re probably wondering, why did we start a blog? The primary purpose was so that our friends and family could keep up with what’s going on at the farm. People are always asking about our chickens, especially our city friends, so we want to help you learn about what actually happens on the farm! Being from the city ourselves, there were some things we didn’t know and have been doing a lot of learning as we go along.

Well, I think I’ve rambled enough. Stay tuned for future posts all about our animals, more about why we started a blog, why we moved from the big city to the country, all of our projects, and some more about us!


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