What’s happening on the farm this weekend!

It’s a busy weekend for Rosewood Farm this weekend. Fortunately we Canadians have a holiday on Monday so we have 3 days to get everything done.

jets game

Trevor and I are huge sports fans, and our favourite NHL team is in the 3rd round of the playoffs so we’re staying in the city this evening to watch the game on the jumbotron at the arena with 1,000’s of other fans before heading home. GO JETS GO!

Saturday I have my usual riding lesson, then I’ll be getting a few last things for our goats that come home in 22 days. Sunday we are going to an amazing show called Cavalia which is like Cirque de Soleil but with horses! My parents bought us tickets for Christmas and we’re going with them.

The rest of the weekend hopefully we’ll be able to work on our goat house and the fence and some other little projects we need to get done for the goats. It’s finally rained here, so right now everything is all wet. We desperately need the rain though so I’m ok with that! The forecast for the weekend looks great, sunny and warm so we should be able to get lots of work done!

goat house

That’s what we’ve done so far on the fence and goat house. Stay tuned for a post about the whole building process and a review of how we like the house once we’ve been able to use it for a few weeks/months and know how we like the design!


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