Interesting new plants for the garden, Horse Day and Goat Area Progress update

This past week we headed to some local greenhouses to get a new perennial for our garden like we do every year. We usually do roses (which is partly how our farm got it’s name) but this year I didn’t see any roses that really jumped out at me so we’re switching things up and got a beautiful blush hydrangea from Lacoste Garden Centre (*

Hydrangeas are kind of boring though, right? I mean so many people seem to have them in our garden. So we decided to try something a little crazy this year and are growing kiwis and hops! Yep, that tasty green fruit that costs an arm and a leg, and the stuff that makes an IPA taste the way it does.

Did you even know you could grow kiwis in Manitoba? I didn’t! But apparently you can! The fruits look a little different from the fuzzy brown fruit you get in the stores, but these should taste just like them. It will be an interesting experiment. Plus it’s a fruit where you need a male and a female plant and that’s a new experience for us too.


Trevor is a HUGE beer fan and always has a keg of home made beer on tap, so hops seemed like a fun one to try too. If that turns out, the hops will be going into a batch of beer after they’re ready. And who knows? Maybe next year we’ll grow all the ingredients to make beer? We’ll definitely be keeping you posted on how those plants grow. The kiwis and hops are both from Sage Garden Greenhouse (*


The first Saturday in June is a bit of a special day for me. It’s Canada’s National Horse Day! There’s a ton of horsey activities around. If you’re near Winnipeg there’s an amazing hunter/jumper show at Bird’s Hill Park all weekend, or if you’re looking for something besides hunter/jumper or something that’s not in Winnipeg, you can check out Equestrian Canada’s page here for a list of Horse Day events. *

Our goat house is coming along nicely, We’ve got the rafters up, but there’s still a lot to do. Staining, roof, a door, finish up the inside. Plus we have to finish the fencing and build a milking stand and get everything organised. We’re down to single digits for our goat countdown. Definitely stay tuned for a post on June 10th about our new additions to the farm!

*Oh and you’re probably wondering, what’s with the *? Well you know how a lot of blogs have affiliate links? You know where they make money when you click on a link in the post? Yeah we don’t do that. But I figured I’d post links in case anything inspires you in my posts!

So do you think our goat house will be ready in time? How do you think our hops and/or kiwi experiment will go? Comment below and let us know your thoughts! We’ll be posting updates periodically on our experiments so subscribe to see how everything goes!


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